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Nail Treatment Kit (3 Pc) NAIL TREATMENT… Repairs Weak, Thin, Splitting, Unhealthy Nails

Product Information:

  • The NEWEST, Most EXCITING NAIL TREATMENT That Allows You To Grow YOUR OWN LONG, HARD NAILS! Believe It! 25% Discount On Purchase Of Complete 3-Item Kit. If Purchased Separately All 3 Products – $41.00, Kit price $30.75
  • OLEDA Nail Bed Healer : Builds a stronger nail foundation and is a serious treatment for peeling, flakey, splitting, weak nails that just cannot seem to grow. Bonds the nail layers together. Unless the health of your nail bed is treated, and becomes strong and healthy again, your nails will continue to have the same problems and will not grow long. (This product dries clear when applied.)
  • OLEDA Nail ReBuilder : A nail nutritional strengthener to be applied before nail polish. It strengthens and protects problem nails as well as normal nails. Great for healing weak, easily chipped, thin, peeling, cant-ever-seem-to-get-them-to-grow nails. Nails actually become healthier, thicker, stronger, and grow longer using this formula. (This product dries clear when applied.)
  • OLEDA Hard Hard Nails : A wonderful rehydrating nail hardener for problem nails or no problem nails. It keeps the nails firm and thick, helps to promote new cell growth, prevents splitting and keeps them strong. This product works miracles used as a Step 3 after applying the Nail Bed Healer and the Nail Rebuilder. Calcium enriched and contains aloe and garlic.

Item Description

How to Use the System :

A) First apply 1 coat of Nail Bed Healer.

B) Then apply Nail ReBuilder, 1 coat over Nail Bed Healer.

C) Next apply a coat of Hard Hard Nails.

NOTE : If applying color polish, apply 2 coats of a Nail Polish color, then top off with Speed-Dry Top Coat.

IMPORTANT : Each time you change your nail polish (should be once a week) its best to remove all nail products from the nail bed and repeat the routine above. Its important for the treatment to soak into the bare nails once a week. Use a non-acetone remover.

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